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Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) groups play a crucial role in fostering social connection and cultural inclusion within our society. 

These groups represent a rich tapestry of backgrounds, languages, and traditions, contributing to the diversity that enriches communities. By embracing and supporting CALD communities, we create spaces where individuals from various backgrounds can come together, fostering a sense of belonging and social connection.  

These connections create opportunities for meaningful cross-cultural interactions and friendships. As CALD groups often share their cultural practices, cuisines, and traditions, they enhance cultural understanding and inclusion, promoting a more vibrant and harmonious society.

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Building on a rich cultural tradition of family and coming together to enjoy life and living in the moment, our vibrant Italian CALD group gather for social outings fortnightly on a Wednesday.

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The sense of community and generosity that stems from our Serbian CALD group is genuinely heart-warming. Meeting on the second Tuesday of the month and going out on a social outing on the last Tuesday of the month, they welcome guests with open arms.

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our Chinese CALD group are rich in traditions and celebrate their culture with passion that is deeply ingrained. With an admiral respect for elders and the continuity of heritage, our Chinese CALD group meet once a month.

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Filipinos are renowned for their strong sense of community and cooperation, where neighbours and communities come together to help one another, especially during times of need. Our wonderful Filipino CALD group meet twice a month on a Wednesday.

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Koreans have a deep appreciation for their traditional values, which emphasizes respect for elders and a strong sense of family and community. Our Korean CALD group always look forward to their meetings and meet twice a month.

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If a client has a language barrier, we will try to match them up with a volunteer who speaks their language.

Do you speak another language?
Have you thought about volunteering?

We would like to have you as our volunteer to assist the diverse multicultural communities on the Northern Beaches. To find out more contact our Multicultural Co-ordinator or our Volunteer Co-ordinator.


“Thank you for all your hard work organising the wonderful picnic at Narrabeen. I appreciated it very much”

Sue, Narrabeen

“Thank you so much for everything you did to make the overnight trip to Bowral such a success. Your attention to detail was wonderful, the goodies, the accommodation, the time on the bus, the lovely welcome card – thanks again”

Christine, Mona Vale

“I’m sure all volunteers would agree that your service with our assistance seems to be so appreciated by all clients. it’s a nice heartwarming feeling to be able to help”

Martina, Bayview

“I love being a client of MWP. It’s a lifesaver. I love the friendships I’ve made, I love the staff and I love the exercise classes. I am totally in love with MWP!”

Iris, Narrabeen

“Today I am delighted to see that the installation of three safety handles in my home has been completed. They all meet my requirements and the technicians’ work is also very good.
Thank you for being so helpful and I hope I have a safe and happy life.”

Li, Chatswood

“Thank you for organising the reglazing of our bath, we are absolutely thrilled with it will.”

Marcia, Manly

“The staff at MWP Community Care are like family. They look after us like you wouldn’t know!”

Phil, Bayview

“Many thanks for your role in the work which has certainly improved our lives.”

Jim, Hornsby

“What I love about volunteering with MWP – The wonderful staff, the appreciative clients and the family values of the organisation. You cant go past locals helping locals!”

Peter, Beacon Hill

“I have been a volunteer for over 20 years in different organisations which has given me a purpose apart from holding down a regular job. There has always been a great need for people in our community to know that there are so many people wo care and are compassionate and committed to supporting those who need our support. I have been with MWP now for 10 years and I am so proud to be part of their Caring of those in need in our Community  ‘In Giving You Receive’ has always been my motto.”

Sammie, Forestville

“I began volunteering with MWP Care to give something back to society. I have found that I have received far more than I have given. I have been given a new lease of life, in being able to make a difference in other people’s lives. I have developed firm friendships and I continue to meet new people, which is interesting and rewarding. The MWP Care staff are friendly, approachable and extremely supportive. What I love about volunteering, is getting out and having fun, in the company of fun and appreciative clients!”

Zeta, Newport

“MWP gives me so much joy. The people on the bus outings are not only my friends but the only family I have left now. I look forward to the outings so much.”

Margaret, Client